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Revenge Comes Calling (WIP)


Characters: Eliot/OFC, Parker, Nate, Hardison, Sophie, Sterling

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: sex, language,  violence,

Disclaimer: Leverage characters belong to TNT.

Summary: When Eliot warned Katie about his past, she really didn't think it would affect their future. Unfortunately for her and the rest of the team, one of the team's previous encounters decides it's time they pay. 

A/N Thanks to [profile] tequila_kaniac for the beta!

“Let me see,” Katie demanded, trying to get Eliot to turn around.

“I’m fine.”

“You’re being impossible,” she giggled pulling him around and trying to clean up his face. “I still can’t believe what you did.”

“It wasn’t on purpose,” he sighed, removing the com from his ear. He held out his hand and she removed her com, handing it to him as well. “And he started it.”

“Is that going to be your official defense. ‘He started it’. Did that ever work for anyone?”

“Not for me. It’s not my fault I’m better at finishing.” As she checked out the damage, his hands snaked back and grasped her ass.

Katie smirked at him and whispered, “I’m not going to argue with you on that.”

He was quiet for a beat, just gazing into her eyes with a wicked gleam. “Are we still talking about the fight?”

“Why are we still talking, period?” Katie trailed her pinky finger over his lips, her heart beating a little faster. His eyes darkened with lust and the tip of his tongue followed her finger before he bit his lower lip and watched her.

He drew her closer, his hot breath trailing down her neck and sending chills down her spine. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you enjoyed the fight a little bit. I thought you hated it when I got violent.”

“I hate it when you get hurt. Of course I don’t want you to be violent towards me but…” A smile tugged at her lips. “He deserved it. It was carnal and yes, you made payback a little bit hot.”

His body pressing against hers made she moan softly when he eased her back against the counter. “A little bit?”

Watching him, Katie nodded and tugged at his shirt. Eliot didn’t move. Finally he murmured, “Show me.”

Daring her with his eyes, he waited for her to make a move. When she didn’t he began to pull away with a teasing smile. Katie grabbed his shirt a little firmer trying to pull him back to her but he resisted. “You’re going to have to work harder than that.”

A little annoyed, she tugged harder on his shirt but he wouldn’t relent so she tried another approach, stepping close to him until they were touching, her fingers trailing down his arm. “Aren’t you the one that supposed to be working for it?” she asked, tilting her head to the side as she grasped his wrist and dug her nails into the sensitive flesh. His flinch was barely noticeable.

“I’ve done enough work for the day. You want me, take me.” His voice flat, he acted bored, which amused her, since she could feel his hardness pressed against her.

“Oh really? Is this how you’re going to play it?” He answered her with a slight grin. Stepping back, she slowly removed her shirt and dropped it to the floor. “What if we get interrupted? We don’t know how long Parker and Hardison will be gone or if Quinn will remain knocked out.”

“I suggest you work fast then.”

Katie continued to undress, slipping her shoes off and unbuttoning her jeans with deliberate slowness. Raising his eyebrow as she unzipped her jeans, he leaned back against the bureau. His eyes wandered down her body, making her feel hotter as she stepped out of the denim. In just her bra and panties she came to him.

He didn’t touch her; just let her have total control for change. She wrapped her arms around his neck and, pressing her body against his, traced his lips with the tip of her tongue. Eliot’s eyes fluttered shut and Katie sucked his lower lip in between her teeth before covering his mouth with her own. Her tongue aggressively explored his mouth and he massaged it with his own.

Katie loved kissing him. It always started an intense fire in her that soon ended up raging out of control through her veins. His mouth could easily be considered an extension of his personality, raw animalistic energy. But this time seemed different because instead of aggression, he let her dominate him. He still hadn’t touched her, his hands beside him on the bureau. As his tongue explored her mouth, she pulled hard on his shirt so that a few of the buttons popped off. Her tongue dueling his, she pulled the shirt off his shoulders, ripping the remaining buttons in the process. Eliot growled low in his throat feeling her nails digging into his biceps. Pulling her lips from his, they both were panting and looking deep into the other’s eyes.

Trailing kisses along his jaw line, she then moved his hair and pulled lightly on his earring with her teeth. Katie traced his lithe, muscular chest and stomach with her fingertips, then moved her mouth lower to follow the trail with her tongue. She continued to play with him, alternating between sucking and biting. Unfastening his belt, she pulled it loose, then unbuttoned and unzipped his jeans roughly.

Eliot let her lead but unfastened her bra, flinging it away before rolling her already hard nipples between his fingers. Katie grabbed his thick upper arms, her mouth moving down his chest, biting his nipples. He hissed and pinched hers in response. Katie fell to her knees, looking up at him with a wicked smile and tugging his jeans down over his hips. He moved forward away from the bureau and let her slide them the rest of the way off.

Teasingly Katie ran her tongue over his abdomen where his hard cock rested, so that he could feel it tickling the length of his shaft. She ran her fingers over his stomach muscles making them tense. She continued the torturing exploration of his belly, kissing and nibbling closer and closer to his cock causing his breathing to quicken. Finally she lowered her mouth and licked his shaft from base to head with a wide stroke of her tongue. Eliot moaned softly. He closed his eyes and bit his lip in a way oozed sex appeal. When she took his cock in her hands, he bit his lip harder as if holding back another moan.

Katie continued to lick all over his shaft. Finally, she sucked him into her mouth and he bucked into her mouth, but did not open his eyes. As she moved him in between her lips, she stroked him rhythmically. She took him as deep as she possibly could into her mouth, her tongue moving in circular patterns along his shaft.

Releasing him from her mouth, she traced the crown with light flicks of her tongue and listened as his breath caught. Eliot clutched the edge of the bureau even tighter, his knuckles whitening. Once again, she ran her tongue along his organ before sucking it back into her mouth.

Soon his hips began gently thrusting his cock into her mouth. She continued to take more into her mouth while still caressing him with her tongue. His movements were not rushed or forceful, turning her on even more, knowing that he was savoring what she was doing. His eyes opening, he watched her movements and his fingers buried in her hair.

After awhile and without warning, he pulled her up to her feet quickly, flipping around so she was in front of him.

“I thought I was in control,” she whispered bracing herself against the bureau. He pulled her panties down, then wedged his cock between her legs. Drawing her hair aside, his mouth moved hotly on her neck and his fondling her breasts, making her moan.

“It’s my turn.”

“I want you so much,” she whispered, feeling his cock sliding through her wetness.

“Not enough. Want me more,” Eliot whispered, his voice thick with desire. He moved his hips lazily back and forth, his cockhead brushing against her clit then back but not entering her. Katie dug her nails into her palms and closed her eyes. He was pressed against her so hard, she couldn’t move, completely at his mercy.

“Eliot, please,” she moaned. She attempted to move her hands, only to have him grasp her wrists, pulling them both behind her. He held them tightly with one hand but reached down with the other to thumb her clit.

“Want me more,” he answered, barely above a whisper. His cockhead rested on her entrance for a moment before sliding forward again.

Katie cried out in frustration, her breath coming uneasily. “God, stop torturing me,” she pleaded. “I want you inside me.”

His tongue dragged along her shoulder before biting down gently. When she moaned, he said again, “Want me more.” Her head fell back and he sucked on her neck, his thumb moving faster. His cockhead brushed against her entrance repeatedly as he moved through her slick lips.

Her orgasm hit her hard, almost knocking the breath out of her when she cried out. When it began, Eliot slid into her, moaning when she clenched down and rippled her internal muscles along his cock. He thrust into her slowly, pulling himself almost all the way out before pushing back in, filling her completely. His unhurried pace caused her to multiple orgasm so strong that her knees grew weak, Eliot’s arm wrapped around her waist to prevent her from collapsing.

Katie grinded back to him and demanded, “Harder.”

Moaning in response, Eliot wrapped his hand around her hair, pulling her head back and fucked her harder, faster. Katie cried out in response. After a few moments, he pulled her backwards and spun them around, pushing her down on the bed, never withdrawing from her.

His moments slowed down again, his breath heavy on her neck. She wriggled her hips in time with his thrusts forcing a moan from him.

“Fuck, I’m going to come,” he muttered, attempting to rein himself in but she clamped down hard on him, massaging him and pushing herself against him.

“So am I,” she gasped and Eliot slammed into her a few times before he came, filling her and pushing her over the edge again. She moaned loudly, clutching and twisting the bedspread.

Breathing heavily, he collapsed on top of her, his skin hot and sweaty against hers. His cock still throbbed deep inside her. The sound of her heartbeat loud inside her head, sounded in time with his. After a moment, he shifted his weight off her, withdrawing from her and falling back on the bed beside her.

“Wow…” Katie muttered before chuckling. “That felt good.”

“Yeah, I needed that.” He grinned, running his hand over her ass.

“I think everyone needs that,” she laughed, turning over. “Although I don’t think I have the energy to move off this bed anytime soon.”

“Great, you can lie in the wet spot.”

“Such a gentleman.”

“You know it darlin’.” He raised his head a little bit, glancing towards the door. “Damnit. I think Hardison and Parker are back.”

Katie groaned, closing her eyes. “Does that mean I have to move?”

“In a few minutes,” he whispered, wrapping his arm around her waist and pulling her closer. Katie wrapped her leg around his, her hand stroking his chest absentmindedly.

After fifteen minutes or so, Eliot finally sat up with a groan. “I guess we need to get motivated. We’ll continue this…tonight.” Leaning down, he kissed her hungrily.


Katie and Eliot had come out of the bedroom with wet hair, fresh from the shower and in different clothes. Parker didn’t say anything even though Hardison smirked at them, causing Katie to blush.

They all ate but Quinn remained unconscious. Parker was cleaning up the trash from the dinner food and watching him. Finally she glanced over at Katie who was arguing with Eliot about the man in question.

“We have to take him to the hospital,” Katie told Eliot. He was standing with his back to her, mixing a drink at the wet bar. Parker could see in his face that he wasn’t going to cave anytime soon.

“No,” he answered simply, cutting his eyes to Katie’s in the wet bar’s mirror.

Katie shook her head before looking at Parker helplessly. She decided Katie was right even though she hated doing anything good for someone like Quinn. Rising she walked over to Eliot. “Look, I get he’s a bastard and deserves all you did and worse but he’s in bad shape Eliot. I really don’t think you want him dead.”

“I don’t?”

‘God, he was so hardheaded,’ she thought angrily. She glanced at Hardison for support and he studied her like she’d grown a second head. Apparently he didn’t agree with them.

“Just let me take us to the hospital. Katie and I can make up some excuse or I don’t know…bribe someone to not call the police.”

“Great idea. Did you ever think some people can’t be bought?” Turning around, he pushed past her, causing her to take a few steps backwards. “He’s not going to die. I’ll check him out.”

“When did you become a doctor?” Katie muttered then took a deep breath, looking like she was gathering her strength. A subtle change in her voice made it appear like she wanted to convince him gently. That never worked and she should know that. “You don’t know what kind of internal bleeding he has. You threw him off a roof and he fell eleven stories. He’s been unconscious for way too long.”

Eliot felt around Quinn’s ribs before grabbing his arm. “His shoulder’s dislocated and we need to reset it. Hardison, I need your help.”

“Eliot!” Parker yelled and he glared at her. “Are you completely insane? Do you know how much pain that would cause him and all the yelling he’ll do?”

“That’s why we’re going to gag him,” Eliot said slowly, his eyes darkening.

Parker watched the situation for a few minutes, torn. Granted, she wasn’t overly fond of Quinn either but she didn’t want to go that far. And she didn’t want Sophie to suffer because of this.

She glanced over and Katie was deeply in thought, probably trying to figure out how to convince him to bend to what she wanted. For a minute Parker thought she might try crying but apparently realized it wouldn’t work because she rolled her eyes and got annoyed. Finally Katie crossed her arms over chest and stormed over to Eliot like she was preparing for battle. “Would you be this stubborn if he hadn’t threatened me? Because if this is some manly protective instinct kicking in, I really…”

“Don’t finish that statement,” he warned, cutting his eyes to hers, before grabbing her arm, pulling her towards the door harshly. “You two go to the store and buy some first aid stuff. Get some Advil, bandages, ice packs, etc. And come back without this fucking attitude.”

Katie’s mouth dropped open, while she stood there completely shocked. When he stormed away, she remained rooted to the spot until he stopped at the doorway to the bedroom and turned. His eyes softened a little bit before he said in a quiet voice, “Just go. Just…do this for me. I don’t want you here for this.”

Finally Katie relented, nodded, and left. Parker followed her but stopped at the door and turned. “Remember, we’re the good guys now. Sometimes it sucks but killing someone, isn’t an option.”

“Parker, just go.” Eliot glared at her like he really thought his glaring intimidated her anymore causing her to roll her eyes and jerk open the door.

Outside the door, she found Katie leaning against the wall beside the elevator. Seeing Parker, she pushed the button with a sigh. They got on the elevator and Parker assured her, “It wasn’t just protecting you. Quinn tried to kill him up there. Eliot did what he had to do. The fall wasn’t planned. If he’d wanted him dead, Quinn would be dead.”

Katie sighed heavily and nodded. “I know. I just wish worry that Quinn is going to push him to the point where he has no other option.”

Parker knew she feared what Eliot would do if pushed too far and also how scared it made Katie to think what he’d be like if he killed someone again. They’d had that talk before.

“Trust me when I say this. He can beat someone half to death without leaving a mark,” Parker promised.

Katie narrowed her eyes and said, “Is that supposed to comfort me? Because the ‘marks’ aren’t what I’m worried about, it’s the ‘death’ part that worries me.”

Her eyes widened and she stressed. “I said half.” After a moment Katie shook her head, making it apparent that Parker hadn’t comforted her at all.

They found a store within walking distance and got all the stuff they’d need, a few things they might need, and Katie grabbed a scary amount of alcohol because ‘she needed more than a mini bar could provide’. Parker grabbed some snack food and cereal. When she snuck something into her pocket, Katie hissed under her breath, giving her ‘you-can’t-do-that’ look so she put it back. At least until the other woman walked further down the aisle.

She noticed a couple of guys watching them and became instantly alert. Both were dressed in suits. Men in suits made her nervous. Usually they were Feds or uncover cops but these men had a more criminal look to them. While they were in line, she glanced over her shoulder and found them still watching her.

‘Oh, this is fuckin’ great,’ Parker thought to herself and noticed Katie watching her, before glancing at the men as well.

“Ma’am?” the clerk asked her.

Katie glanced up in surprise. “Yes?”

“Your card was declined. Says it was lost or stolen.” The clerk gave her a strange look.

“Are you sure? Can you run it again? There must be some sort of mistake.”

The clerk ran it again and shook her head. Parker could see that the girl was debating calling her manager so she quickly dug in her pocket. “Here, I have cash.”

After giving her the change, the clerk glanced at her reluctantly. “I have to cut up the card and call my manager.”

“Is there a problem here?” One of the men in suits came up behind her. Flashing a badge quickly, he threw in, “Ma’am, can we speak with you? Privately.”

The other guy came up on Parker’s side took her bags and the men walked her out of the store. Katie glanced around nervously and Parker realized they were walking them towards a car. She tensed up and tried to stop but the guy’s fingers dug into her arm painfully. “Now, come on, Parker. It’ll only be worse if you struggle.”

Parker threw a right hook at the guy holding Katie and jerking away from the man holding her arm. She and Katie ran a few feet before he grabbed her hair, jerked back, and slammed her against a car. She raised her knee but he grabbed her throat and squeezed hard. “I said it would get worse.”

The other man grabbed Katie and she stopped struggling, watching Parker in terror. Finally she pleaded, “Please just let her go.”

The man’s grip loosened and he asked, “Where’s Quinn?”

“He’s…” Parker paused, not knowing who these guys were and which side they were on other than obviously not hers. The guy backhanded her hard enough to make her see spots and bite her tongue. Katie yelled, which was muffled by the other man’s hand over her mouth.

“I asked you, where’s Quinn? This is the part where you answer my question or I make it even worse,” the guy warned her.

“You’re going to hurt me no matter what I say so I think I’ll just keep that little secret,” she retorted with false bravado.

“I know he’s with you. You have a choice here, do you want to tell us where he is so we can take care of him or we start mailing body parts to Mr. Spencer,” the man squeezed her neck harder.

“Wait…you’re trying to kill Quinn?” she gasped, trying to pull his fingers from her neck. “In that case…”

“Let her go and put your hands up.” Parker heard a deep voice and glanced up to find two police officers staring at them, weapons drawn. “You too. Let go of the women and put your hands in the air.”

The other man threw Katie down on the ground and the guy let Parker go to whirl around to disarm the cops. As soon as Parker regained her senses, she grabbed Katie’s arm, pulling her up and they ran towards the store. In the distance she heard a gun shot but didn’t look back when she rounded the corner of the building and ran in front of cab. The driver slammed brakes, blasting his horn at her. She ran to the door and jumped in the front seat, pulling Katie in beside her and ignoring the couple in the back. “A hundred dollars to get us out of here,” she replied quickly. The man stared, mouth open, and she yelled, “Two hundred, if you move now!”

The driver slammed his foot on the gas and Parker dragged her fingers through her hair, turning quickly to look out of the back window. She couldn’t see the two men or the police. The woman in the backseat watched them.

“Are you okay? Did someone attack you? Do you need the police?” the woman asked her leaning forward.

Catching her reflection in the rear view mirror, Parker shook her head. Katie grabbed a tissue, handing it to her and answered the woman. “No, just a…misunderstanding.” The woman looked unsure and Katie smiled quickly. “We’re fine.” Reaching in her purse again, she snatched a few hundred dollars out and put it on the seat. The driver glanced down and Katie said, “Just take us to…”

Panicked, Parker said, “No! Drive around for a few minutes then drop us off The Luxor.” Ignoring Katie’s confusion, she wiped the blood off her lip.

After the taxi dropped them off, she turned to Katie saying, “We need to throw them off if they’re following us.” Moving fast, she pushed past gamblers leaving the casino.

“Parker…wait…” At the stairs, she paused and Katie rushed up to her side. “Are you okay?”

“I’m fine. Let’s go.” Brushing off her concern, Parker didn’t think, she just moved. They walked through the Luxor to the Excalibur then exited and walked across the bridge to New York, New York. Glancing around, she waited until there was a huge group of tourists around and moved to take the first cab that stopped, Katie close behind her.

In the backseat, she noticed the driver looking at her making her even more uneasy so she had him stop at the hotel next door to theirs and went inside to use their restroom. If they walked back into the room looking as messed up as she was, Eliot would flip shit before she could get a word out.

Katie kept trying to help her but Parker ignored her. Her mind raced, forcing her to actively concentrate.


“They’ve been gone too long,” Eliot said under his breath. “I’m going to go look for them.”

“Just wait. I’m sure they’re fine. Give it another half an hour,” Hardison whispered. Eliot sensed Hardison’s concern though so he relaxed his stance.

Resetting Quinn’s shoulder had taken a lot of his strength and he sagged against the arm of the chair, resting while he could. He’d been keyed up for two days in a row and was at the point now where he wasn’t thinking straight. Once the women returned, he wasn’t letting anyone else leave his sight for awhile. The clock on the wall clicked loudly and without thinking he threw the remote at it, knocking it to the floor and breaking it. At least it was quiet now. His head throbbed and he could feel his blood pressure rising again.

“Fuck!” he yelled and jumped up, making Hardison jerk to his feet too. “I can’t go look for them because if Quinn wakes up, he’s going to be dangerous and damn it all to hell!” Grabbing the phone off the table beside him, he ripped the cord from the wall and threw it to crash right above the clock. Knocking the chair out of his way, he walked towards the bedroom. “Fuck this shit. I’ll make sure he doesn’t wake up any day soon.”

Before he made it there, he heard someone at the door to the room. He stalked over and jerked the door open. Katie jumped and tears filled her eyes. Eliot’s eyes widened and he grabbed her in his arms, pulling her and Parker into the room and slamming the door.

“We didn’t…want to lead them back…here,” she stammered, clinging to him. Hardison rushed over, grabbing Parker who seemed to resist him at first, confusing the situation even worse.

“Who are they? What happened?” Eliot asked quickly, holding her tight against his chest. He could feel her shaking uncontrollably even when she tried to push him away.

“No! Listen to me!” she pushed him away and turned to Hardison. “They hurt Parker. And they’re looking for Quinn,” she explained and shook her head in confusion. “Or they’re looking for Eliot. I’m not sure. But they knew about both of you and they called Parker by her name.”

Eliot’s mind raced and he glanced at Hardison and Parker. Hardison had gotten Parker to sit on the chair but she seemed to be completely shutting him out, fixating on the wall in front of her.

In a voice more soothing than Eliot could ever muster, Hardison said, “Katie, we need to know exactly what happened.” The hacker’s eyes never left Parker.

Katie nodded slowly and told them about the incident at the store, while still staying close to Eliot. Parker let him check out the bruises on her neck, or rather she didn’t seem to notice. Two days, three attacks on the women close to him. Someone is playing hardball. Parker finally batted his hand away from her, her eyes making him back off a bit.

“Do you think they’re working with Quinn?” Katie asked him, watching Parker with concern. Finally, she moved in front of Eliot and sat on the arm of the chair, putting her hand on the thief’s back. At first Parker flinched but then seemed to relax so Eliot backed away, sitting down on the couch.

“It’s more probably that they were hired to take him out. I’m guessing he’s being tracked. Obviously they didn’t tail him or they’d know exactly where he was.”

“I hate to mention but we made a scene at the last hotel we stayed in. It’s quite possible that they heard about that. Not like you were exactly stealthy leaving the place,” Katie pointed out. When he shot her a glance, she shrugged. “I’m just saying.”

Eliot realized Hardison was quiet and turned, surprised to find him glaring at Katie. “What, man?”

Katie realized Parker was crying at the same time Eliot did and immediately tried to put her arms around Parker, who promptly knocked Katie on her ass when she jumped away, almost out of the chair.

“Parker…” Hardison whispered, trying to calm her down but not touching her. “Eliot, you and Katie leave.”

“But…” Katie began but Hardison gave her a glare that shut her up quickly. Eliot helped her to her feet, pulling her into Parker and Hardison’s room. Her eyes wild, Parker watched them both while Hardison talked to her softly.

“What the…?” Turning to him, Katie searched his face for any explanation. “She was fine right after it happened. She knew exactly what to do, how to handle it, everything but now she’s…”

“Delayed reaction. Fight or flight clicked in,” he explained, pulling her closer. “Parker’s a survivor. She’s always going to know what to do until she’s out of immediate danger.”

“We’re in big trouble here aren’t we?” she whispered. “No Nate, no Sophie, people coming after us from all sides, and now Parker is losing it.”

He wanted to lie to her and tell her it would be alright but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Finally he said, “Parker is going to be okay. Hardison just needs to get her calmed down and she’ll be more keyed up than normal but, she’ll be fine.”

“Eliot,” she leaned her head back to look at him. “Nobody’s fine at this point. And it sounds like you’re going to have to pull off a miracle to steal this painting. How can you do that with everyone off their game and short two team members?”

“If he’d stop trying to kill me, maybe I could help.” Quinn’s voice made Katie jump because apparently she had forgotten he was there. The other hitter had been moved there after resetting his arm and probably had been conscious for awhile because he seemed pretty aware. Eliot took a deep breath and tried to mentally prepare himself for what was next.


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