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Day 5 - Favorite moment in an episode
Wow - there is no way I could pick a favorite moment in an episode. I could probably pick a favorite moment in EVERY episode though.

Just some favorites - (barely scratching the surface)
Parker/Hardison - pretzel scene
Parker/Hardison - Lady Bjarker/white fur pimp coat
Hardison/team - his violin solo
Hardison & Eliot - almost every scene lol
Sophie/Eliot - the talk in The Tap Out Job
Sophie/Nate - the breakfast scene (almost kiss) and the two talks in The First David Job - when he realizes she's conning them and she tells him he's still a good guy then later when she slaps him about thinking he's better than everyone on the team
Parker/Eliot - all the big brother/little sister moments - and most every scene in The Inside Job
I could go on forever!

This show is way too epic to pic ONE scene or even narrow them down.

Day 6 - Favorite flashback moment
Day 7 - Favorite screen capture
Day 8 - Favorite on-screen romance
Day 9 - Favorite fictional romance (aka your OTP)
Day 10 - Favorite con
Day 11 - Part of a character’s past you want to know more about
Day 12 - What made you angry
Day 13 - What made you cry
Day 14 - What made you happy
Day 15 - Least favorite con
Day 16 - Least favorite romance
Day 17 - Least favorite character
Day 18 - Favorite pop-culture reference
Day 19 - Favorite quote from the show
Day 20 - Favorite song/music choice
Day 21 - How you expect season three to end
Day 22 - Character you most relate to
Day 23 - Most hateful character
Day 24 - What shouldn't have happened
Day 25 - Favorite animation/gif from the show
Day 26 - Favorite season finale
Day 27 - Favorite episode
Day 28 - What you love most about the show
Day 29 - Favorite season
Day 30 - Whatever tickles your fancy
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Snagged from [ profile] sheryden
Since I forgot about this - I'm gonna do a few on one:

Day 2 - Favorite female character
Easy - Parker. No offense to Sophie of course but Parker is just WIN.

Day 3 - Minor character you'd love to see more of
Sterling of course!

Day 4 - Someone you'd love to see guest star
Eliza Dusku - I think she could play against type and be an awesome hacker or thief

Days 2-30 )
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Snagged from [ profile] sheryden
Day 1 - Favorite male character

I cannot chose between Hardison and Eliot because I love them both in different ways.
So yeah...Hardison and Eliot and putting them in a scene together is WIN!

Days 2-30 )


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