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Revenge Comes Calling (WIP)


Characters: Eliot/OFC, Parker, Nate, Hardison, Sophie, Sterling

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: sex, language,  violence,

Disclaimer: Leverage characters belong to TNT.

Summary: When Eliot warned Katie about his past, she really didn't think it would affect their future. Unfortunately for her and the rest of the team, one of the team's previous encounters decides it's time they pay. 


A/N Thanks to [ profile] tequila_kaniac and [ profile] blackbelblondie for the beta!

Quinn caused a huge debate about where they would stay, wanting to book a suite at one of the fanciest casinos on the strip. In the end they stayed in a two room suite in one of the older downtown area casinos. Not trusting any of them, Quinn chose to sleep on the couch in the central room with Eliot and Katie in one bedroom, leaving Parker and Hardison in the other bedroom.

Katie grabbed her bags and went to her room to take a shower. The hot water beating down on her shoulders began to sooth some of the tension in her body. Having no sleep for the last 36 hours and all the stress piled on top of two long flights in one day felt overwhelming. Emotionally and physically, she was exhausted and left her feeling unable to move.

“Babe?” She heard Eliot enter the bathroom and call to her softly. “You okay in there?”

“I’m fine.” Reaching down, she turned the handle to end the soothing shower then opened the door, grabbing the towel he held out to her.

“You’re fine?” he studied her for a long time. “This is one of those times where ‘fine’ means anything but right?” When she didn’t answer, he came up behind her, wrapping his arms around her. “Tell me.”

“I said I’m fine,” she brushed him off and tried to move away but he wouldn’t let her. “Please…just let me go to bed.”

“Katie,” he whispered holding her a minute longer before letting her go with a sigh. She went into the bedroom and threw on a t-shirt and shorts, then climbed into bed.

“Did Quinn do or say something to you on the plane?”

“No. He acted surprisingly decent.” Rolling onto her side, she stared out the window for a moment before closing her eyes, sensing him observing her.

The bed shifted when he sat down on the other side. After a minute he reached over and wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her closer. “Are you going to tell me what’s wrong or do I have to harass you all night? You’re acting like you’re pissed at me.” When she didn’t answer him, he leaned over her and said, “Wait…you are pissed at me.”

“Eliot, just let it go. I need sleep before I hurt someone.”

“Bring it. At least then I’m getting some reaction out of you. You know I fuckin’ hate the silent treatment. I’d love to know what it is I did that has you so pissed off at me and yet Quinn is ‘surprisingly decent’. When did I become the bad guy?”

Moving away and sitting up, Katie sighed dramatically. She knew she was being irrational. That was the worst part. Completely and totally irrational but she felt angry at him for all of this.

“I’m pissed because…I don’t know why!” she snapped running her fingers through her hair angrily. “Because all the secrets, the half truths, the ‘protection’, it’s all the same. Its lies! We’ve been living a lie and now I don’t know what is real and you and all of these people I care about have kept all this from me, which is exactly what John did. Are you really protecting me or don’t you trust me?”

Eliot glared at her for a long time and, feeling frustrated and guilty, she got up and walked to the window.

“So Quinn said something to make you doubt me? Is that what this is? You know what? I don’t need this shit. I warned you what my life was like and I’ve busted my ass to keep all of it from affecting you. Now you’re pouting because it did. You’re the one who told me none of this mattered, that you loved me and wanted to be with me despite everything else.”

“I do!” she exclaimed, turning around. “But I need to know you trust me enough to tell me everything if I want to know…the truth, all of it.”

Eliot shook his head before getting up and storming into the bathroom. Tears burned her eyes and she wondered if she should even try to talk to him any more tonight or just let it go. When he came back into the room he crossed his arms over his chest stared at her.


“No? No what?” she asked in confusion.

“We’re not going to do this. I won’t tell you everything but it has nothing to do with trust,” he replied shortly. “If you can’t accept that, you and Parker can share a room because I’m not going to deal with you freaking out on me.”

Katie tightened her jaw before walking over to the bed again. “I’m not freaking out. I was trying to sleep and you pushed me into telling me what’s wrong. Sorry I can’t control my emotions to the same level as everyone else but I’m not a professional liar.” As soon as she said it and saw his expression, Katie regretted it. “Eliot…I’m…”

Turning around, he left the room and she cursed under her breath. One of these days she’d stop blurting out things when she knew she was being tired and emotional. And stupid. She didn’t have much time to think about what to do before she heard the huge commotion in the other room. Not even thinking twice, she ran in there to find Quinn and Eliot trying to tear each other apart with Parker pressed against the door in shock.


Hearing Katie calling him a professional liar snapped Eliot’s control. He had to get out of there and blow off some steam or he was going to explode. Storming out of the room, he grabbed one of the keycards off the table and walked towards the door. He was half way to the door before realizing he couldn’t leave Quinn alone with the others.

“Where you going Spencer?” the man asked, barely looking up from his vantage point on the couch.

“Are you going downstairs? I want to come,” Parker exclaimed, rushing towards the door.

It happened so fast that he didn’t really think about it but when Quinn reached up, grabbing Parker by the arm, Eliot reacted like he normally would. He spun around, a blur of motion that put him between Quinn and Parker, jerking her out of the way while striking out at the other man. Quinn turned away but not before Eliot managed to connect his fist to his jaw. The two crashed into the wall, fists flying.

After trading a few hits, Quinn tried to grab him by the throat, yelling, “You better back the hell up, Spencer!”

Feeling hands on his arms and realizing he had put the others at risk, he let Hardison and Parker pull him away from Quinn. Katie quickly slid in between the two men, trying to make sure that Quinn didn’t throw another hit. Eliot grabbed Katie’s arm, jerking her out of the way, shielding her. The smug grin and the gleam in the other man’s eyes almost broke his control again.

“I told you, Katie. He’s an uncontrollable rabid animal,” Quinn chuckled, wiping the blood from his mouth.

“I warned you not to touch my team,” Eliot growled, still pulling Katie out of the way. “Damnit Katie, stop it!”

“Not until you calm down,” she warned, putting her hands on his chest. Finally, Hardison pulled her out of the way.

“Everyone just settle down…” the hacker said soothingly. “Katie, why don’t you let me and Parker handle this?”

“But…” Katie objected before Hardison lightly pushed her in the direction of the bedroom.

Eliot took a few ragged breaths before shaking off Parker’s grip. It took all his focus to calm down so he wasn’t going to worry about hurting feelings now. The others would understand.

After he settled down, Eliot held up his hands to signal the end of it so Hardison and Parker relaxed a bit. “You okay?” he asked Parker and she nodded. He could tell she was more concerned about him at this point so he didn’t push it. Quinn shrugged and walked casually over to the bar, pouring himself a drink.

“You two go in your room and keep the door locked,” he muttered to Hardison. “Stay together, no one is alone with him got it?” When the two continued to stand there, he nodded. “I’m good.” After the two finally went into the bedroom, he waited for the click signaling the door locking before glancing in Quinn’s direction. The other man raised his glass in Eliot’s direction with a final smug look. Slowly Eliot backed his way into his room with Katie.

After closing the door, he leaned against it, pissed that he lost control. If anyone had gotten hurt, he’d never forgive himself. He took a deep breath to clear his mind a bit before turning around to see Katie sitting on the bed, watching him. Guilt lined her face and tears filled her eyes.

“I’m so…so sorry,” she whispered, the tears spilling down her face. “I wish I could take it back.”

“Why? It’s the truth.” He shrugged, still angry with her, wanting to hurt her. “I am a professional liar. I can’t believe you’re just now catching on.”

“But…that’s what your job is, not who you are and I know that. It’s just…” She took a deep shaky breath and looked away. “I’m so tired and I don’t know how to control my emotions like all of you. I just say whatever I’m thinking…”

“I’d hardly call it ‘thinking’. So obviously you’ve been feeling this way for a long time.” He was unwilling to cut her any slack, today of all days, so he looked away from her, sitting in the desk chair to pull off his boots. “Glad you got it off your chest then.”

Katie moved quietly from the bed to sink down between his legs, sitting on her knees and putting her hands on his waist. “I’m sorry,” she stressed. “I let all of this get under my skin and you know I’m anything but rational when upset.”

“You’re right. You’re completely irrational Katie. One minute you’re bitching about not knowing things, the next you’re flying off the handle and running your mouth, then you’re cold and distant to me before…” He shook his head angrily. “This is exactly why I didn’t want to get involved with you. You’re going to get one of us killed. Maybe we just need to…”

“No.” she interrupted him, shaking her head. The pain in her eyes tore at his heart. “Don’t even say it.”

Eliot wrapped his arms around her, trying to calm her down. Now wasn’t the time to do anything drastic anyway but he had to get her get through to her. “Okay but you have to settle down Katie. I need you to do this for me, for the others. Alright? Don’t promise me that you’ll behave then forget it the first time Quinn pushes your buttons because he will be doing whatever he can to gain the upper hand. I know you don’t want to hear this but you’re the most logical target for his manipulations.”

Pulling herself together with visible effort, Katie sat back and nodded. “I know.” After a moment, she wrapped her arms around his waist, resting her head on his leg.

“Get in bed. I’m gonna hop in the shower and I’ll join you in a few,” he whispered and she nodded. He took her hands and standing up, pulled her up as well. She looked so tired, he couldn’t help but smile. “It did feel good to get a few hits in, at least.”

“Hope you got in one or two for me.” Tilting her chin up, she kissed him, pressing her body against his. Eliot loved the way she seemed to melt into him, her heat and the smell of her filling him up and touching him a way that no one else had. Wrapping his arms around her tightly, he kissed her back hungrily. He released her lips only to have her nibble on his lip before sucking it eagerly.

“Make love to me,” she whispered, teasing his mouth and bringing her hands under his shirt. He hesitated, wanting her but knew he shouldn’t. Not now, with Quinn in the other room, probably able to hear them.

Reluctantly he shook his head. “Not now baby. I need to be alert and I can’t do that if you’re distracting me. As it is, I’m reluctant to grab a quick shower, unable to hear anything that could happen.”

“Okay.” With a slight smile, she backed up a step. “I can wait…if I have to.”

“Right, I’ll just go take a cold shower,” he grumbled, giving her a final kiss. “Don’t leave the room.”


Katie snuggled into the pillow after she heard the shower starting. She wanted to wait to fall asleep but once she lay down, her eyes felt so heavy. There was a quiet knock on the door and she stared at it, wondering who it could be. Figuring it was probably Parker or Hardison, she sighed, got up, and walked across the room.

“Katie, it’s Quinn, I need to talk to you.”

She paused at the door, wondering what she should do. Eliot told her not to leave the room so she wasn’t planning on it but she didn’t want to piss Quinn off and instigate another scene. At the same time she didn’t want piss Eliot off either. Finally, she opened the door a crack, peaking out at him.

“What do you want? How’d you know it was going to be me and not Eliot?”

“The shower,” he explained. “Your hair is already wet so I knew it had to be him.” He paused with a concerned expression. “Are you okay?”

Katie tried to figure out what his game was. He couldn’t manipulate her unless she let him so she had to figure him out. She stalled for time by glancing at her feet and looking away a few times. Quinn seemed to think he’d use the concerned guy approach. Okay, she’d play the victim if that’s how he wanted it. After a while, she glanced nervously towards the bathroom door once more and nodded. “I’m fine, why?”

“He didn’t hurt you?” He reached out to cup her elbow gently and she flinched, but managed to act scared instead of extremely disturbed by his touch.

“No,” she whispered and widened her eyes innocently. “Please just stop this. You keep making him mad and…I don’t want all this fighting.”

Quinn nodded and managed to look ashamed. “I know. I should never have put you in danger like that. I mean…despite what happened earlier between us; I would never actually hurt you, Katie. You’re a sweet girl. Don’t worry though. I won’t put you in an awkward position again. You’ve been through enough and don’t deserve all this shit.”

Throwing up a little bit in the back of her mouth, Katie forced herself to nod and glance to the floor. The sound of the shower being turned off gave her a quick escape. Striking a terrified expression, she shook her head.

“Please just go. If he sees me talking to you…”

“Promise me that you’ll let me know if he does anything to hurt you. I’ll protect you from that animal.”

Katie nodded quickly and pushed the door closed. After locking it, she hurried into the bathroom as Eliot was exiting the shower.

“Babe, I told you that…” he began then stopped, catching her expression. “What?”

“Quinn thinks that I’m gullible enough to believe he’s going to protect me from you. He just came to the door and…”

“You opened the door for him? Katie, are you crazy?” he exclaimed, jerking a towel around his waist.

“Listen to me, before you get mad.” Katie explained then repeated the whole conversation while he glared in annoyance. “So…I think if I continue to play innocent or even act scared of you, he might avoid being aggressive towards everyone. He seems to want to convince me that he’s a nice guy for some reason.”

“I told you he’s trying to manipulate you.”

“I know that, but he doesn’t know I know that. So wouldn’t it make more sense to play along like I believe him? If he’s busy conning me, it might give you guys enough time to figure out a plan to rescue Sophie before you have to steal anything. If I’m there, he exactly can’t be sympathetic and understanding at the same time he’s being a violent thug, right?” She wasn’t sure she was making sense but it made sense in her head at least.

He was silent for a few minutes while he towel dried his hair. “In theory…yeah but I don’t know how long you can keep up a pretense. No offense babe, but he’s not the type to risk a huge payout just to seduce you. Even if he was, how long do you think you could string him along?”

“He knows about me, he’s very aware of my finances. So if he can get a payout from Blackpool and con me on the side, it’s a win-win for him. I don’t think I have to string him along with the promise of sex, because he’s really after money. I can keep up the act. I know…I haven’t been very good at the whole calm, cool, and collected thing so far but I can do this. I’ll just play up the innocence and lose the sarcastic attitude.” So tired she felt like she was on the verge of falling over, she added, “First I need sleep before I start acting stupid.”

“Start?” he smirked. “I’m beginning to think you have a split personality. I never know who I’m dealing with.”

Katie jerked the towel off his waist, smacking him on the ass before he grabbed her. “Katie…you said you were tired. Don’t start something you can’t finish.”

“You can ravish me all you want,” she grinned. “Just don’t wake me up while you’re doing it.” He made a face and she bit her lip to keep from laughing. Wriggling away from him, she returned to the bedroom and climbed into bed. She was half asleep by the time he joined her and she curled up around him. “I love you.”

“I love you and all your multiple personalities. But can you tell irrational and bitchy Katie to stop taking over?” He kissed her forehead, tightening his arms around her.

Katie grinned sleepily. “They said they’d think about it.”


Eliot woke up suddenly feeling Katie’s hot breath and mouth on his stomach, her long hair trailing on his skin. A moan escaped his lips and she looked up at him with a naughty smile.

“Still think no sex? None?” she whispered before trailing her tongue lower down his belly. She lightly traced his hardening cock with her fingertips, not quite stroking, teasing him. Every time he thought she’d take him in her mouth she would stop moving down, circling her tongue on his belly or biting his thigh.

Finally, Eliot grabbed her, flipping her onto her back with a grin. “Don’t tease because you know I can play that game too.”

“It’s still early and it’s completely quiet from the other room. I’m sure everyone is asleep.” Her fingers pulled at his waist band. Before he could reply, she pulled his boxer briefs down over his ass and began kissing his neck.

Eliot paused, listening for any sounds outside their room. Katie continued to tease him and he really didn’t want to refuse. They’d just have to be quick and quiet. He moved off her enough so she could lift her ass and pull off her shorts and panties, while he slid his clothes the rest of the way off.

“Keep quiet,” he whispered, kissing her hard and moving between her legs. When he entered her, her heat made him moan again. They made love quietly then she went down on him. Then they lay with sweaty limbs intertwined until he heard noises in the other room.

“Get your game face on,” he replied lifting her off him. “Don’t do anything dangerous though or you have to deal with me.”

“Ohhhh…don’t make it tempting,” she grinned but nodded. “I promise I’ll be careful.”

After cleaning up, Eliot left her to take a shower and got dressed quickly. He pulled his hair back in a ponytail and put in his com. “Hardison?”

“Sleeping,” Parker whispered. “Tara emailed us last night that she knows where Sophie is being held and was working on something but it might be a couple of days.”

“We’re probably going to have to go all the way with this,” he replied, cursing under his breath.

“Well…it is very valuable, if we do manage to get it, we just have to figure out a way to keep it after rescuing Sophie.”

“Parker, don’t get greedy.” He grinned and shook his head. “Wake up Hardison. I’ll be in the other room.”

“Got it. Try not to lose your temper again.”

Eliot decided not to tell them about Katie’s plan. Best they acted surprised and give it an air of legitimacy. Sitting at the table, Quinn ate and read the papers that Blackpool had given him. He glanced up, shifted in his seat, and lowered his feet.

“Apparently, Blackpool doesn’t trust any of us,” he muttered with a half smile. “The information he gave me isn’t complete.”

Eliot dropped into chair. “Are you surprised? I wouldn’t trust us either.” He grabbed a cup and poured some coffee.

“Not surprised.” Quinn shrugged. He pushed the papers toward Eliot and leaned back, stretching. “Look, we’re going to have to work together or no one gets paid, so let’s just get this over with. Afterwards, we’ll settle up the issue between us.” A cocky grin flashed. “Oh, and then I’ll be taking your girlfriend after I put you down.”

“If you think you can, son.” Eliot smiled smugly before snatching the papers off the table. Quinn opened the briefcase and pulled out floor plans, maps, and photos.

“This is it?” Eliot glanced at folders, flipping through the pages. He glanced at Quinn in surprise. The other man obviously was as annoyed as he was.

“Pretty much.”

“What’s up?” Parker came into the room, sliding into the chair beside Eliot. Picking up a few of the floor plans and photos, she frowned. “Where’s the intel?”

“This is it,” Eliot pushed the folder across the table at her.

“But…this isn’t…where is the…” she glanced at him then Quinn. “He screwed us.”

“Pretty much.” Quinn nodded.

Once again Parker looked back and forth between the two men. “So we have to find the painting somewhere in Las Vegas before they move it again and it’s already been moved three times in two weeks? We have less than a week to find and steal it?”

“Pretty much.”

“Is that all you can add to this conversation?” Parker glared at him through narrow eyes.

“Pretty much.” Quinn grinned. “Trust me. I’m not any happier about this than you are. I guess he figured he’d send me to assure that I didn’t snap his neck when I realized he didn’t have the money he promised me.”

“Next time,” Parker stood up, tossing the papers on the table. “Snap his neck first.”

She went to the phone to call room service and Eliot leaned forward, resting his elbows on the table. “Did he know what was going down with Nate?”

“I think he assumed Nate would be available to track the painting on this information,” Quinn shrugged. “When he hired me, Nate was part of the plan. But when he found out about the waterfront deal, he told me to pick up Katie at the airport.”

“Then when you lost Katie…Sophie happened to be around to be grabbed,” Eliot finished.

“So it’s my fault Sophie’s being held hostage?” Katie asked from the doorway.

Quinn and Eliot glanced at her then at each other. Eliot raised his eyebrows at Quinn, curious to see how he was going to talk his way out of this and manage to still look like a ‘good’ guy.

“Sophie was…she…if…” Quinn stammered then stopped. Eliot wasn’t surprised when he glanced over to see huge tears in Katie’s eyes. She even managed to make her lip quiver. This might actually be fun to watch Quinn squirm. “Katie, if I had known the truth about Blackpool, I wouldn’t have taken this job.”

“But it’s all my fault that Sophie…oh god,” she sobbed and Eliot wondered for a second if she was serious. But Quinn glanced away when Hardison came into the room and Katie winked at him.

“What’s going on?” Hardison stopped and glanced around the room.

“Katie, damnit, if you start the fuckin’ tears again…” Eliot yelled at her, jumping up so quickly his chair fell backwards.

“I’m…I’m sorry! I can’t help it!” she sniffled and Hardison glared at him like Eliot had just stepped on his puppy. Katie went over to the couch and sat down with her knees underneath her, making herself look even smaller and younger.

“Look Katie,” Quinn rose and, with a pointed glare at Eliot, walked over to sit beside her. “We’ll work together and get the painting so we can get Sophie back.”

“Wait…so you’re <i>helping</i> us now?” Hardison shook his head in disbelief. “How long was I asleep?” Parker watched with confused interest.

“Blackpool screwed us all,” Quinn replied, barely glancing away from Katie as he reached for a tissue for her. “I’ll help you guys find the painting so we can get your friend back.”

Hardison and Parker both watched Quinn for a few moments before looking at Eliot. He shrugged. “I think our friend thinks he can win Katie over. Probably wants to screw her.”

“It’s not like you’d care.” Katie whispered accusation was punctuated by another sob. “I need to get out of here. Can I go for a walk?”

Quinn seemed torn before Eliot threw in, “Go ahead. It’s not like you’re actually helping matters.”

Katie got up and ran out of the suite, not even stopping to take a key. Quinn stormed past Eliot with a ‘very suave’ thrown over his shoulder, following Katie, and nearly falling over the room service waiter.

Eliot took the food cart and slipped the guy a twenty before shutting the door. “What the hell is going on?” Hardison asked in exasperation. “Don’t you think you were a little hard on Katie? I know charm doesn’t come to you naturally but seriously? Way harsh, man.”

“Think I laid it on too thick?” Eliot snagged a piece of bacon off the plate before sitting down again.

The hacker’s eyes widened for a split second before he grinned. “Laid it…oh man, I can’t believe I fell for that.” Parker chuckled and he turned toward her. “What you laughing at, mama? You fell for it too, don’t try to play me.”

“Do you want to waste time talking about this all day or figure out a way to get this damn painting?” Eliot asked and Hardison pulled up a chair and opened his laptop. Eliot was fairly sure that Hardison couldn’t go an hour without touching the keys.

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