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Revenge Comes Calling (WIP)


Characters: Eliot/OFC, Parker, Nate, Hardison, Sophie, Sterling

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: sex, language,  violence,

Disclaimer: Leverage characters belong to TNT.

Summary: When Eliot warned Katie about his past, she really didn't think it would affect their future. Unfortunately for her and the rest of the team, one of the team's previous encounters decides it's time they pay. 

A/N Thanks to [profile] tequila_kaniac for the beta!

Eliot moved Katie behind him and walked over to pull the desk chair up to the bed.

“I’m saving Blackpool the effort. Apparently, he’s decided your time in Vegas is over,” he watched the other man and realized he wasn’t all that surprised. “You knew he’d come after you.”

“I figured. Or he expected you to kill me.” Quinn’s gaze turned to Katie for a minute before he said, “You know I wouldn’t have really hurt you right?”

Eliot grabbed his bad arm and twisted, just enough to remind Quinn of his injuries. “Don’t talk to her, talk to me.”

“Katie was always a pawn to Blackpool.” Quinn shook his head. “She’s not a ‘necessary’ member of the team. She’s the spare.”

“What do you mean?” Katie asked, coming closer. “He’s planning to kill me?”

“He doesn’t have to. Think about it Katie. You’re a bright girl. Figure it out,” Quinn watched her with a slight smile.

Quiet for a long time, Katie finally lowered her gaze and Quinn nodded. “Right. He needs Parker and Eliot. He’s got Sophie with him for negotiation. You’re just extra incentive. One here, one there. But you’re really not in danger, unless Eliot balks. He’ll kill the hacker first, knowing Eliot will be more willing to still do the job to protect three women than he would if he just thought he was protecting Hardison.”

“Wow, I feel special,” Katie sighed. “So, why did he send someone after Parker?”

“To show me how easily she could be taken out.” Eliot stood and walked to the window.

“Next one won’t be a warning,” Quinn replied and shifted on the bed. “So are you going to untie me?”

Katie glanced at him in shock. “You threatened to…and then…you bastard!”

Quinn shrugged. “Fine. Can’t blame a guy for trying. Besides, I told you I wasn’t going to hurt you. But either you let me help or we all end up getting bumped off one by one until your boyfriend figures out where the hell this painting is and manages to steal it. Like you said, you’re already down two team members. And if your performance earlier was any indication of your acting, you aren’t going to cut it as a grifter.”

“So because we’re already down a few players we should let you out of the penalty box?” Katie shot back and then paused. “Fuck you.”

“You’re also so eloquent,” Quinn smirked. “At least you’re pretty to look at.”

Before the bantering could continue, Eliot cleared his throat stopping Katie mid-tirade. “How are they tracking us? Through your cell?”

Quinn’s confused expression confirmed what he had feared: Quinn had no idea. Suddenly Katie’s eyes lit up and she waved her hands. “The briefcase!”

“What…” Quinn glanced at her quickly and Eliot put it together.

“It’s still in the van. When we were carrying things in, Hardison had his hands full and just took the files. Said he’d come back for it later,” Katie explained to him. “Blackpool gave it to Quinn, right?”

“That explains why they didn’t know exactly where we were but they know we’re close. They must have seen you and Parker crossing the street or in the parking lot.” Rubbing his chin, Eliot tried to sort things out in his head.

He had two days to find a painting with very little information to go on. And keep everyone alive. Man, this day keeps getting better.


“We’ve got to untie him,” Katie sighed. Eliot shot her a quick look and she shrugged. “If we don’t, Hardison’s going to get killed.”

“Just let me think. I’ll figure something else out,” Turning away from her, he began pacing back and forth.

Reaching over, Katie untied one of Quinn’s hands. “We don’t have time.”

“Dammit Katie!” Eliot grabbed her arm, pulling her away from Quinn. “You’ve got to start listening to me.”

“I’m not willing to risk anyone else’s life to keep him from doing…hurting me…please…the sooner you two work together to find this damn painting, the sooner we can get away from these people.” She could see how pissed he was but hoped he’d understand they had no alternative.

“Katie, he’s not going to let any of you get away from him,” Quinn said quietly. Turning she was surprised by the guilt in his face. “After the job is done, he’s going to turn all of them over to whoever will pay the most. And you…well, you’ll disappear.”

“Well then…” she whispered as cold dread filled her. “I guess either way I’m in danger.”

Quinn watched her silently before nodding. “We’re all dead if I don’t help. If I help, maybe Spencer can keep everyone alive long enough to get you out of this.”

“And what’s in it for you since you know Blackpool won’t pay you if he already planned to kill you?”

“Revenge and a lot of money once I take the painting back from him,” Quinn replied coolly. “Of course, I’ll need Spencer’s help to assure that works too.”

The room grew silent as Katie turned to find Eliot studying Quinn. After a brief glance at her, he finally began untying the other hitter and warned, “You even think of laying one hand on my team, I’ll snap your neck.”

“It’s in my best interest to not hurt them. And you know I’m all about what’s in my best interests.” Quinn’s gaze turned to her. “Sorry, but no woman is worth the bottom line to me.”


“God, I hate that smug bastard,” Katie muttered storming out of the bedroom. She stopped short finding Hardison alone in the sitting area. “Where’s Parker?”

“I talked her into watching…umm…TV.”

Seeing him blush and avoiding eye contact, she walked over to see what he was doing. Nothing interesting on his laptop screen. When she took a step towards the room he shared with Parker, he jumped up quickly and grabbed her arm. “Trust me. You don’t want to go in there.”

“Yes I do, especially now you don’t want me to. You’re freaking me out and I didn’t think that was even possible at this point in knowing you people.” She took a step back from him slowly.

“Okay but you can’t tell Eliot. It would just…he wouldn’t…it would freak him out.” If possible, he appeared more embarrassed than before.

“Hmm. If it’ll freak him out, I don’t know if I want to know.” Pausing she glanced towards the door before nodding. “Okay, hit me with it.”

Avoiding her eyes, he muttered, “She’s watching porn.”

“Excuse me? Oh! Well, that’s not too weird I guess. Lots of people watch it. I mean, I don’t but…well I have but…umm…” Katie blushed, glancing away.

“She stumbled on porn online a few months ago and ever since then, whenever she gets really stressed out she watches it. Not like, because it turns her on or whatever. But, I don’t even get it myself, she’s fascinated with it. She says she likes to study people’s reactions or some almost Data-like fascination.” Hardison shrugged and she stared at him for a few minutes before answering.

“Data as in information? Is she trying to learn how to…”

“No! No, not like that. Do you remember on Star Trek Next Generation, Data used to study all the holodeck sessions…” She must have made her cluelessness apparently because he looked at her disgustedly. “You’ve never, ever, ever watched Star Trek have you?”

“Had a rough year, you know? I guess I could if you want but I’ve been a little busy. Or you could actually get to the point of this but hey, that’s just a suggestion.”

“Look at you! Don’t you snarkle in the neon lights of Vegas so brightly. Why if you were any snarkier, I’d worry Eliot was a Borg!” Shaking his head, he sat back down and glared at her. “Let me guess, you don’t know what a Borg is either. You damn Kentucky hillbillies.”

Katie bit back a smile. “Do you really think it’s wise to teach her that porn is the best material for studying people’s ‘reactions’?  You do realize that it’s not really how people act. I mean, how often do you want to screw your plumber or the pizza delivery guy for real?”

“Can honestly say never…” Hardison smirked.  

Studying the door like it held the solution to this mystery, Katie muttered, “Maybe Parker has a porn addiction?”

“What?!?” Eliot stopped cold in the doorway.

“What? Nothing man. She’s just,” Hardison stammered and Katie had to bite the inside of her lip to keep from laughing. He jumped up quickly seeing Quinn in the doorway behind Eliot. “What the hell! Why did you untie him?!”

“Pleasure to see you again too Supergeek,” Quinn smirked. “Katie, where’s that drink?”

Groaning under her breath, she went over to the bar and poured him a drink. Then she poured herself one. She was going to need one for this.


Hardison stared at Quinn then Eliot in shock. “We’re going to…do what? Wait…why were they going to kill me? Katie I get but me?”

“Hey!” Katie exclaimed with a glare in the hacker’s direction.

Hardison shrugged and cocked his head to the side. “I’m sorry but I’m useful. What can you do? I’m sure I can do it better…”

“Just…” Eliot began but Katie rose from the couch to throw a pillow at Hardison’s head.

“Are you seriously asking me to justify why I should be killed over you? I mean really?! What the fuck…”

“Dammit both of you! Just shut up!” Eliot yelled.

When Katie opened her mouth, he glared. She glanced at him for a second before crossing her arms and shooting back, “Just remember if I get killed instead of Hardison, he has to start doing those things I do that you like so much.”

“I could! I mean…I wouldn’t but I could and probably better than you!” Hardison blurted out before catching himself. When Eliot glanced at him sideways with narrow eyes, he added, “I’m just saying.”

Before Katie could even respond, Eliot took her by the arms and pushed her into the chair. She muttered under her breath for Hardison to eat her and the hacker snorted and muttered ‘could do that too’.

“Now I get why you’re such an ass Spencer.” Quinn chuckled under his breath. “What I don’t get, is why you haven’t killed any of them yet.” He gestured back and forth between Katie and Hardison with his finger then flinched a little bit from obvious pain and shifted with a glare in Eliot’s direction.

Katie snickered, then smiled sweetly. “Just because you’re helping them doesn’t mean you’re part of the team so why don’t you pipe down and wait for him to give you instructions. And then you can obey like a good boy.”

“Arf. Arf.” Quinn shot back with a wink. “Where’s the thief?”

“Look, I know no one likes this situation but you all need to suck it up and be professionals or at least, adults. The first thing we need to do is get out of this hotel. It’s only a matter of time before they figure out where we are so I need everyone to get ready to go in the next 10 minutes,” Eliot said, running his fingers through his hair.

“Sweetie, we haven’t been here long enough to unpack. I’m ready to go. But what about the briefcase in the van?” Katie polished off her remaining drink and walked towards the bedroom to get her things.

“Hardison, is there anything in the van we can’t do without?”

“Nah man. What’s this about the briefcase? Oh, and by the way, Tara called. She got a line on the location of the man who is moving the painting.” Closing the laptop, he slid it into the bag.

“You just now decided to tell me this? Dammit Hardison, you should have told me first thing.”

“What? You were busy telling me how I was useless enough to dispose of and I got distracted. The man is booked at The Bellagio in the Chairman Suite. Do you want me to get us a room there?”

“Book the honeymoon suite,” Quinn threw out. When Hardison raised his eyebrow, he added, “It’s simple. Someone poses as honeymooners and people don’t question why someone rich enough to afford a suite, rarely leaves it, to gamble.”

“Good point,” Hardison said reluctantly. “So who’s the honeymoon couple?”

“Parker and you…no, Katie and I…no, shit,” Eliot wrinkled his forehead.

Quinn watched Eliot for a moment before shaking his head. “You’re noticeable. And no offense, the geek would stick out there as well. Neither of you two can pull off being rich enough to afford a room at the Bellagio, much less a suite. But I do.”

“I could buy a suite there…just saying,” Hardison mumbled when Eliot glared.

“Let me guess, you expect me to let you and Katie pose as honeymooners. I should have suspected that was your angle.”

Quinn smirked a little at his comment before glancing at Katie who looked pretty horrified.  “She’s classy, comes from money, and is used to luxury accommodations. You can smell it on her. Parker couldn’t pull off rich bitch quite like Katie can, I’m sure.”

“Thanks? Glad to know I smell classy and act like a rich bitch,” Katie glared at him.

“See? Keep up that attitude and no one will doubt you,” Quinn pointed out and Eliot realized he was right. Parker would stick out more than Katie, as would he or Hardison. Quinn had arrogance like a rich person would.

“Katie, you need to dress the part. Do you have anything with you?” Eliot asked before rubbing his temples where another headache was starting. She opened her mouth to argue but must have seen the plea for silence in his eyes and didn’t.

“Yeah. One rich bitch coming up,” she replied slamming into the bedroom.

“Hardison, make a reservation for them but make it look like it was made long ago.” Eliot tuned out Quinn telling him one of his aliases. He hated this, this whole messy affair. They had no plans, no time, and he couldn’t even protect everyone. Now, he was supposed to trust Quinn, which he didn’t. And asking Katie to pose as his wife after he threatened to…well, it wasn’t cool with him so he could only imagine how she felt.

“I’m hoping you brought my things?” Quinn glanced around the room before seeing his bag. “Where should I change?”

“Just wait a few…” Hardison moved quickly towards his room with Parker to get her motivated and packing but not before throwing a ‘oh we will be talking about this later’ glare in Eliot’s direction. Quinn smirked at the hacker.

“Try to be less of an ass or Blackpool’s men won’t have to kill you,” Eliot warned Quinn and stormed into his room with Katie. She was sitting on the bed, putting on jewelry and staring into space. Glancing over, she gave him a reassuring look with a half-shrug.

“You have no choice and don’t like this any more than I do. But if it keeps Hardison safe and helps us find the painting in time, there’s no other choice.” She rose and walked to him, putting her arms around his neck. “It’ll be fine. Quinn won’t hurt me in a public place with witnesses.”

Pulling her arms down, he held them and said firmly, “Where did he first get to you? The airport. Where did he threaten you most recently? A hotel lobby. No, you cannot let down your guard with that man.”

“I know. I’m just saying…don’t beat yourself up about this. Of course I don’t want to be in his company but I can suck it up for awhile since its necessary.” She smiled at him gently and he kissed her on the forehead. “It’ll be fine.”

“Parker gave you a tazer right? Keep that with you and use it if you have to.” She glanced away guiltily and he sighed. “You don’t have it.”

She wrinkled her nose sheepishly. “I never thought I’d need it. Course, now I realize I was wrong so feel free to say I told you so. It’s at the condo so I couldn’t grab in when I was packing for here. Sorry.”

“After this is over, we’re going to have a serious talk about being more cautious and prepared.”

“Assuming we all live of course,” she teased before kissing him. “I’m sorry, I just count on my big strapping man to always swoop in and rescue me.”

“And that kind of thinking will get you killed.” He sighed and held her for a moment before moving around the room to gather their things. “I’ll get Parker’s tazer. Do you know how to use it?”

“She showed me. I think I remember pretty well.”

“Okay, listen to me. No matter how much it burns your ass, if he pisses you off, you’ll need to bite your tongue and not get on his bad side. Can you do that? If not, then…”

Katie put her fingers over his lips gently. “Baby, you need to trust me to behave. I’m not going to do anything to put anyone in more danger, including myself because I know the whole trickle down effect on that. This isn’t like Kentucky, I promise. Keep in mind that I was stressed out then more than ever before and very personally involved. So yes, I let people get under my skin and I didn’t think before I spoke but this time, I’ll do better.”

Studying her, he finally nodded. It wasn’t like they had any choice at this point in the game but he didn’t like it one bit.


“Can I help you?”

“Yes, yes, you can. Mr. and <i>Mrs.</i> Reed checking in,” Quinn pulled Katie closer and she forced a happy smile, leaning into rest her head on his shoulder.

“Ah, the newlyweds! Congratulations.” The desk clerk spoke with a warmer tone when she realized they were ‘important’ guests. Signaling a couple of men standing near the door, she began rushing around programming key cards and gathering paperwork. Speaking quietly to the older man, she instructed him to notify the manager that they had arrived.

Katie noticed Quinn glancing subtly around the room so she created a minor distraction to allow him to fully assess the situation. Making sure the bellboy wasn’t watching, she nudged a bag on the cart of the pile which caused some of the other bags to shift and a couple to fall.

“Oh, I’ll straighten this out,” the bellboy exclaimed and rushed forward when Katie reached to pick up the bags.

“Thank you.” She smiled and turned to face him. “Is it too late for us to get room service? We had a long flight and I’m starving.”

“Vegas is always open ma’am. You can order anything you want at any time of day.” He winked and put the final bag on top.

Katie giggled and whispered, “Anything?” Glancing over her shoulder at Quinn, she turned back, adding, “I should have come here when I was single then.”

The young man blushed and glanced around quickly hoping the desk clerk didn’t hear him. “I just meant…food or…I apologize…”

Katie placed her hand on his arm for a brief moment before laughing warmly and saying, “Oh I knew what you meant. I’m just teasing you.”

“Darling, we’re on our honeymoon. Did you forget?” Quinn put his arms around her waist. “You’re such a flirt but a bell boy? Really, sweetie.” Quinn kissed her on the temple and looked at her with mocking disapproval.

Katie pouted, feeling bad for the guy, and replied, “It’s not like you weren’t checking out the stewardesses. I’ll stop window-shopping when you do.”

“Aww sweetie, you have no reason to be jealous. My bad boy days are over,” he chuckled and kissed her, his lips lingering on hers. Katie tensed up, then remembered she had to play along. After the heated kiss ended, he pressed his forehead against hers, saying, “I love you, Mrs. Reed.”

“And I love you,” Katie replied happily, trying to push the overwhelming urge to throw up out of her mind. Luckily, the desk clerk began getting Quinn’s signatures then the bellboy led them to the elevators. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Hardison walking toward them dressed in a similar bellboy outfit. Parker and Eliot had come in through another entrance so she had no idea what their disguises were.

“I need you two to give us a few minutes to get upstairs ahead of you,” Eliot announced over the coms.

“Honey! I want to hit the slots for a few minutes. Give me some money,” Katie demanded, holding her hand out impatiently.

“Now? But I was hoping we could go upstairs and you know…” Quinn’s hands roamed her back as he gestured to the elevator.

“Just a few minutes. Please…” Katie insisted and began walking backwards in the direction of the casino.

He sighed dramatically. “Fine. Can you wait for us?” The bellboy nodded curtly and pulled the cart toward the wall. As they walked into the casino, Quinn muttered. “Five minutes, Spencer.”

Katie held out her hand again. When he looked annoyed, she grinned. “I really don’t have any cash on me. Besides, you’re the man…”

“Fine,” he rolled his eyes and signaled over a change person, handing her a twenty. “Quarters. Can’t give you too much or you’ll break me.” He slapped Katie on the ass and it was all she could do not to hit him back.

When the woman walked away, Katie stopped smiling and walked over to the slot machine closest to them, glancing at her watch subtly. Five minutes. She could do this.

“Hey man, you know the guy we’re looking for? He and another man are about ten feet from Katie right now,” Hardison said over the coms to Eliot or Quinn, she wasn’t sure.

“What does he look like?” Quinn whispered, putting his arm around Katie’s shoulder and glancing around. As Hardison told him, Katie tried to resume gambling but was curious too so she started to look behind her. Quinn pulled her tighter to him, stopping her. “Katie, don’t…look.”

“Just act normal and continue to play.” Eliot’s voice comforted her.

“He’s cashing out now,” Quinn replied softly before raising his voice to her. “Let’s go sweetie. There are some other games I want to play upstairs.”

“Well, when you put it like that…” Katie faked a giggle and, grabbing a cup on the top of the machine, she threw the coins in them.

“Try not to sound so enthused,” Eliot grumbled over the com causing her to really laugh.

“They’re going towards the elevator now,” Hardison announced when Katie and Quinn reached the bellboy. He had walked over close to them and approached the other bellboy. “Hey, man. The big boss has been looking all over for you. Apparently there were some things missing and your last guest is raising hell. Better let me take this one.”

Katie shot Hardison a glare for making the guy feel terrible and the three of them walked to the elevator. When the doors opened up, the two men stepped on and Quinn and Katie followed shortly after. She was surprised when Quinn said, “There’s not enough room. Bring our bags up on the next elevator.” Hardison’s eyes widened but he nodded.

“What the hell man!” Eliot snapped in the com. “I’m on my way, Katie.”

As the doors shut, Katie worried he had conned them about knowing these people. He pushed her in the back corner of the elevator with a smirk and came close enough that he could whisper very softly in her ear. “No one panic. If they think we’re too into each other to notice, they might talk to each other.”

After a moment, she heard Eliot reluctantly agree and told her to ‘play along’.

Letting loose the breath she was holding, she allowed Quinn to pull her into his arms. Even though he was facing her and so close she could feel his breathing on her skin, his attention was completely on the other men. He kissed her again, burying his hand in her hair but even though she still felt uneasy, it was obvious to her that he was faking it.

Katie almost jumped out of her skin when she heard Hardison ask, “Are you two kissing? Cause seriously, if you are, I can tell you right now I wouldn’t believe you were on your honeymoon. Maybe your high school prom date.”

Eliot growled in response.

“No seriously man,” Hardison muttered. “I hear a lot of smacking like they’re chewing gum really loudly. No one is going to buy that.”

Unfortunately, Hardison’s words got to Quinn enough that he put on a better act. His tongue darted in her mouth and his hands were roaming her body like a blind man reading Braille. She tried to relax and not freak out but grabbed his hands quickly, intertwining her fingers with his. When she pulled back to catch a breath, he cut his eyes to hers and signaled back at the men before kissing her again. It took a moment for her to realize the men were speaking softly to each other. She could barely hear them but hopefully Quinn could. After a few minutes the elevator stopped and Quinn chuckled.

“Come on. Let’s check out our room,” he pulled her by the hand past the two men who were also getting off on their floor bumping into one of them.

“Sorry. I forgot we weren’t alone.” Katie blushed and looked away.

“It’s quite alright miss,” one man replied and they turned in the other direction.

The luggage cart beside him, Hardison waited by the door with his back to them. Quinn laughed as fumbled for the keycard until the men went into their room, shutting the door behind them. Hardison glanced over at Katie and Quinn, saying, “Oh Eliot is going to kill you two.”


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