May. 7th, 2010

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This journal is my third LJ account of [ profile] alassante and [ profile] alassante2 which will be used for all my Leverage related posts and fanfiction. This isn't friends locked unless I feel the need to write something personal.

If you want to friend me on my main account - [ profile] alassante - but its friends locked.

Snagged from a MEME:
Name: Alassante was my online screen name, frequently shortened to Al or Ali, Kat is my real life nick name. In 2006, my friend Schleppy the Vampire Slayer from MySpace dubbed me Ali Kat and the rest is history
AKA: Ali Kat, Alassante, Alassante07, Rocker Ali Kat, AliKatAlassante on Twitter
Birthday: September 24 - Libra
Heritage: Portuguese, English, Irish, Scottish
Where do you live: Southeast USA
What are you studying/What are you working as: I work with computers and technical documents. I'm going to school at night to get a Bachelors in IT w/speciality in computer forensics
What are you listening to now/have listened to last: Christian Kane's 
An interesting fact about you: Despite the fact I love Kane/Christian Kane's music and I'm from the south, I don't like country music!
I'm obsessed with my dog - the Boston Terrier named Malone aka Boo Boo.
Favorite place to be: with friends, pets, and my son
Favorite lyric:
`Cause I forgot to run myself and I got run down
Do I look like something you can put in a fuckin` cage?!
Come over here and gimme a kiss
Rattle Snake Smile –Christian Kane
Best time of the year:  Fall

A film: Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Harry Potter
A book:  Silmarillion
A song: Anything by Christian Kane, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Shinedown
A band: Christian Kane, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Disturbed, Shinedown
Fandoms: Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel, Xmen, Dollhouse, Star Wars, Legend of the Seeker

Favorite Fandom to write in: Lord of the Rings, Silmarillion, Leverage, Harry Potter
Characters: Leverage: Eliot, Parker, Hardison  Lord of the Rings/Silmarillion: elves - tons of them
OTP: LOTR - mostly work with canon single men but also like Aragorn/Arwen, Nerdanel/Feanor With Leverage - Eliot/OFC, Parker/Hardison,
Icon/Fic Journal: [ profile] alassante and [ profile] alassante2 

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